Meet the Ed Robinson Crew

Byrd Gleason

Boat Operations Manager
Although Byrd has been with ERDA for over fifteen years, he has been friends with Ed Robinson since the late '70s, when they both worked for a dive shop in Lahaina. Byrd's management skills mixed in with the perfect balance of people skills allows him to provide the highest level of service for our divers, and at the same time provide an enjoyable working environment. Many of you who have chosen to dive with us year after year enjoy our nonexistent rate of turn over, which is rare, and a direct result of our closeness as a diving family. Byrd's great management and leadership skills are a large part of ERDA's professionalism. He has an added tie to ERDA since he met his bride, Kim, when she was a customer on one of his charters.

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2-Tank Select

2-Tank Select

Our 2 tank trips run Monday, Thursday and Saturday for certified divers looking for an incredible Maui diving experience. Destinations include dozens of sites along the South Maui coastline and Molokini Crater.

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