No one wants to study on vacation

Want to get certified? Complete your coursework at home via PADI's online courses, then finish with your test dive when you get here... Read more

No one wants to study on vacation

Discover SCUBA - Safe, Fun and Educational

Discover the wonders of the reef SCUBA diving allows you to experience without expending the time to train in a full course. In just a few hours of your valuable vacation time you will have memories of an underwater world you could not experience on your own. Read more

Discover SCUBA - Safe, Fun and Educational

A world of adventure awaits you beyond your SCUBA dive training

Do you enjoy the reef as you snorkel but feel there is more to see? Our PADI dive courses will give you the skills and knowledge to venture into the depths safely and experience the reef creatures up close and personal. Read more

A world of adventure awaits you beyond your SCUBA dive training

Advanced Open Water training is the next important step in safely exploring beyond the shallow reef

SCUBA certification is like a learners permit - now you have the tools to dive but you need the experience to become self contained and confident. Our Advanced OW training gives you the next set of tools to expand your underwater exploration and experience safely and confidently. Read more

Advanced Open Water training is the next important step in safely exploring beyond the shallow reef

There is so much to see beneath the surface!

SCUBA certification is like a free pass to visit and experience the amazing and hidden wonders of the ocean. Untold numbers of surprises and mysteries will unfold during your dives and leave you thirsting for more knowledge and answers. What is it? Why is it doing that? Look at that - that is amazing! So take the next step, get certified and begin your journey into the awesome ocean. Read more

There is so much to see beneath the surface!

Discover SCUBA on your vacation

Experience the magic of Hawaii's reefs with just a few hours of instruction and personalized supervision. No need to spend your valuable vacation time learning to dive. Jump right in - join a "Discover SCUBA Diving" class and begin your diving adventures in a Safe and Fun one or two tank supervised shoreline excursion. Read more

Discover SCUBA on your vacation

Experience the Ed Robinson Difference


In addition to our dive boat, we offer scuba instruction as well!  We have several excellent instructors who absolutely love teaching students the joy of diving! 

Whether you want to get your Open Water Certification, finish up your Open Water Referral from a mainland dive shop, get your Advanced Open Water, Nitrox Certification, Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response or Divemaster, we can help you achieve that goal.

We also offer Discover Scuba Diving classes, sponsored by PADI, for those who would like to see if scuba diving is for them!  This is an amazing and affordable opportunity to see the underwater world of Maui!  And, if you decide you like scuba diving, we can complete your certification while you are here!

IMPORTANT:  Prior to taking you out diving, whether it be for your certification course or Discover Scuba Diving, you will be required to fill out PADI forms including a medical questionnaire.  Please review the medical questionnaire we will e-mail you at the time of your booking.  If there are any "yes" answers to any questions, please have your personal physician fill out the form as to each yes, and bring the form with you. 

We Offer the Following Diving Instruction Courses:

Open Water Certification

Open Water Certification $449.99

Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures offer PADI Open Water Diver Certifications! We work with Maui's finest instructors, and are pleased to offer training customized to the needs of the student. Select
E-Learning-Advanced Open Water

E-Learning-Advanced Open Water $349.99

Click on PADI e-learning button and choose five specialties you would like to do (Note: Navigation and Deep Diver are required). Complete bookwork. Then call to schedule dives with the instructor. All equipment is included in price. Additional charge for boat dive to satisfy Deep Diver requirement. Select
Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water $349.99

The Ed Robinson Advanced Open Water Certification course is one of the best in the business. You'll experience instruction in a small group and be trained in all required proficiencies in preparation for your test dive. Select
Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving $89.99

Discover the waters of Maui and its hidden treasures of underwater sealife! You will watch a short video or personalized instruction after which your instructor will offer more explanation as well as show you the equipment and how to use it before you hit the water. Select
E-Learning - Open Water Diver

E-Learning - Open Water Diver $349.99

No need to waste valuable vacation hours for bookwork. It's the best of both worlds -- complete your courses online via PADI prior to arriving to Maui for your test dive. All equipment is included. The only thing to purchase is a log book (something you'll want to keep up to date throughout your diving adventures). Select

Emergency First Aid Responder $125.99

Are you be prepared to deal with an emergency situation or accident? Learn accident management and rescue techniques in the PADI Medic First Aid and Rescue Diver programs. Select
Enriched Air-NITROX

Enriched Air-NITROX $30.00

The PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) program will open your training to the realm of mixed gas diving. Learning how to dive Nitrox will significantly lengthen your bottom time, add to your understanding of your body's reaction to gas under pressure, and open up new dive sites for your exploration. Select
Guided Night Dive

Guided Night Dive $99.99

Guided night dives include all of your dive gear, LIGHTS, and a professional underwater guide. Select
Guided Shore Dive

Guided Shore Dive $79.99

Guided shore dives include all equipment and professional underwater guides to show you Maui's underwater secrets and sea-life. Select
Open Water Referral

Open Water Referral $289.99

Open Water Referral takes two days to complete any confined water skills and your open water dives. We can also complete any dives necessary to get your open water certification. Call us for prices for either doing 3 tanks or 2 tanks to complete your certification. Select
Refresher Course

Refresher Course $89.99

PADI refresher course allows certified scuba divers to refresh their skills and move forward with their diving careers. Select

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Message from Ed

You deserve the best

Ed Robinson photoI realized a long time ago that the quality of a dive trip is directly related to the willingness of a divemaster to listen to the diver's (your) needs, and then to go out of his/her way to give you more than you are asking.

Over the years, I have associated myself with the best professional captains and divemasters in Hawaii. The common trait you will find in each of us at Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures is that we care about the quality of the job we do, and we care about the divers we are serving. If you don't have a good day, we don't have a good day either.

And being the best on Maui is paying off. One of my favorite quotes is "Our reputation speaks for itself ... ask around." So do it - ask about us on the Internet, Undercurrent, your diving friends that have been to Maui, and your local dive shop. You will be very surprised how may divers know of our reputation and will recommend us!

PS: I am very interested in your suggestions and especially your constructive criticism regarding your experience while diving with us. Please contact me directly at with your comments.

(Note: Please direct booking inquiries and other questions to:

Ed Robinson


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